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The Little Snake River Valley is located in Carbon County, south central Wyoming.  The Valley straddles the Wyoming-Colorado border with the Little Snake River winding in and out of both states.  The area is extremely scenic from the snow capped Sierra Madre Mountains at the head of the valley to the low country desert west of Baggs.

It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, from elk and deer in the mountains to antelope and wild horses in the lower reaches.  Sage chickens, grouse, bald and golden eagles, ducks and geese are all found here along with sandhill cranes.  There is plenty of public access to the BLM and National Forest areas.

In the early days, outlaws, most notably Butch Cassidy and his gang, favored Baggs and nearby Browns Park for the remoteness they offered and the citizenry who paid little or no attention to their goings and comings.  See www.townofbaggs.com, click on Wild Bunch.

The valley is home to ranches which have been in the families for several generations as well as the small towns of Slater, Colorado, Savery, Dixon and Baggs, Wyoming.  The nearest larger towns are Craig, Colorado 40 miles to the south, Rawlins, Wyoming 77 miles northeast, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80 miles southeast.

Baggs is a small, quiet community of about 400 people with a small grocery store, several churches, restaurants, motels, medical clinic and other related businesses.  Nearby Craig offers a full scope of stores, shops and equipment dealers.  Dixon and Savery complete the Wyoming part of the Little Snake River Valley and Slater, CO on the Colorado side.

The local school system is considered excellent with the school and its activities being the focal point of a great deal of social activity.  The class sizes are small and many of the students have gone on to state and national honors, both in academics and sports.

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